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1x Zep Double Photo Frame 730264 Horizontal 2x 15x10 cm

Zep Double Photo Frame 730264 Acrylic Doppie 2x 15x10 cm

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The 730264 from Zep Italia is a photo frame which is suitable for 2 photos of 10x15 cm. The photo frame is made of acrylic. The total dimensions are 25x10 cm. The photo frame is suitable for horizontal placement. You can place it on a table.


Photo frames from Zep Italia


Zep Italia photo frames are known for their high quality and luxurious finish. The glass that is used has a high light transmittance. The photo frames are made with attention to detail and provide nice details. Matching designs are available for each interior and taste: some frames are characterized by their sleek design, while others create a nonchalant, cozy atmosphere with their vintage appearance.


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Benel has included some of the Zep Italia photo frames in the assortment. Have you seen a nice photo frame, but does it not fit the size you wish? Feel free to contact us.


Frame typeFor one photo
Maximum photo format, cm10x15

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