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1x WT-3570 tripod; 1x Quick-release plate; 1x Bag; 1x Full Color Packaging

Falcon Eyes Aluminium Tripod + Head WT-3570 H165 cm

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The Falcon Eyes WT-3570 is a high quality tripod, which is a great addition to any camera equipment. Thanks to the three-way head with quick-release plate, the WT-3570 is handy in every situation. The aluminum legs provide a stable and reliable base. The complete tripod weighs only 1.56 kg. For extra stability, lock the center pillar. The maximum height is 1.65 meters and the minimum height is 62 centimeters. When you take the WT-3570 out of the box, you will immediately notice that this it s a very well-finished tripod. The legs are very easy to slide in and out and have a rubber foot. This ensures a stable and reliable use in almost any location.


WT-3570 in practice


The multifunction handle allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the tripod head. In addition, you can lock the vertical angle by turning the handle. The center pillar is provided with a hook that lets you hang the included bag or other accessory, or you can hang a weight for extra stability. The WT-3570 has two water passes: the first level gives you a good base. The second level is intended for the vertical axis. If you want to make a vertical picture, the tripod head is 90 degrees tiltable. The handle allows you to move the WT-3570 quickly.


Usage WT-3570


The WT-3570 is a must-have for the starting and advanced photographer when taking pictures on location and in the studio. The lightweight materials makes it easy to take the WT-3570 anywhere. You can use the WT-3570 with cameras up to a weight of 4 kg. The 1/4 screw thread makes the WT-3570 suitable for almost any camera. This includes compact cameras, system cameras and DSLR cameras. Also for simple video recordings, you can use the WT-3570 perfectly. In its price range, the WT-3570 has a really smooth tripod head.

Tripod setwith head

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