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Pixel-Tech IdPhotos Pro Software on Dongle

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ID Photos Pro works with all cameras, all photo printers and all countries.

Create professional passport photos for all countries with ID Photos Pro. The English-language, step-by-step software helps you print and upload approved passport photos step by step. Thanks to the universal printer link, you print photos with DNP printers and others.

This is why you use ID Photos Pro:

  • Biometric verification: the software recognizes faces, automatically creates the correct crop and checks the photo for 15 official points.
  • Internationally recognized: ID Photos Pro is suitable for more than 280 documents in more than 87 countries worldwide. New documents and requirements are actively pushed to the software via updates.
  • RDW recognized: Upload photos directly to the RDW (for Dutch documents). For other countries, use Secured Cloud Storage, for secure digital upload to the government agency.

Here's how to use ID Photos Pro in practice:
 Choose passport photo document and create the passport photo based on the instructions
 ID Photos Pro automatically checks the passport photo for 15 points

 Choose a layout and click the 'print' button

Free trial

Wondering how it works in practice? Download the free demo version of ID Photos Pro. Don't currently take passport photos? Or do you want to switch to ID Photos Pro? Then Benel will gladly advise and guide you. Check out the complete passport photo system, call 0528-234828 or send an e-mail.

Application ID Photos Pro - dongle license

When you want to take passport photos on multiple computers, ID Photos Pro's dongle license is ideal. In the computer where the dongle is inserted, the passport photo license is immediately activated. This is handy when you not only take photos on the fixed computer in your store, but sometimes also take your laptop with you on location. Also check out the digital license (more economical, but less flexible). In the video below you can see how to activate the license. We also explain how to move the software to another computer.

ID Photos Pro's minimum system requirements:

    • Processor: minimum Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
    • Storage: minimum 128GB, SSD preferred
    • Memory: minimum 4GB
    • Display: minimum 1024x768 pixels
    • Operating system: Windows 10 or Windows 11, 64 bit
    • USB: at least two direct usb ports for printer and camera (without hub).
      Possibly additional usb ports for keyboard, mouse and other accessories
Type of ProductAccessories for printers
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