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1x Monoviewer Konusmall-2 7-17x30;1x Case;1x carrying Belt; 1x eyepiece cap; 1x Lens cap;1x Multi language manual;1x Lens cloth; 1x Full color packaging

Konus Monocular Konusmall-2 7-17x30

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The Konus monocular Konusmall-2 7-17x30 is a super compact monocular with a variable magnification of 7 to 17x. The monocular has a diameter of 30 mm so you have a good image, it only weighs 156 grams and is therefore easy to carry, for example on your belt. The monocular is unique in its kind, you rarely encounter monoculars with a variable magnification on the market. The monocular lies easily in your hand thanks to his rubber grip and is equipped with a strap that you can put on your wrist. The lens has a multi coating that prevents dirt and water from attaching to the lens, so you keep a sharp image at any time.


The monocular has a double focus, so that when you see an interesting object you can study this closer. To view an object, first set the magnification to 7x and then extend the viewer. You can then continue to rotate the extended area and focus the viewer on the desired object. If you subsequently enlarge with the front ring, you need to correct the focus. The focus rings are provided with rubber so that you have a good grip on the focus rings and you can make fine adjustments.


The Konusmall-2 7-17x30 has a tripod connection, allowing you to mount the monocular on a tripod. Mounting the mono viewer on a tripod results in a calmer and more stable image. The monocular features a twist up eyepiece , therefore the monocular is also suitable for persons with eyeglasses. Besides the Konusmall-2, Konus also has a Konusmall monocular with a fixed magnification of 10x25.


Usage Konus Monocular Konusmall-2 7-17x30


The monocular is suitable for various applications. It is easy to carry along during a walk or a bicycle ride and you can easily and quickly view birds or other objects. You can also use the Konusmall-2 at sea on your sail boat, with one hand it can easily be picked up and stored, for example in your jacket pocket. Due to its light weight and compact size it can be taken anywhere and with its magnification you can study everything in close up.

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