Cokin NUANCES Extreme Infrared IR 720 - X serie

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Cokin Nuances Extreme Infrared IR 720 filter X series
The Cokin Nuances Extreme Infrared IR 720 Filter X Series is designed to capture images of how a subject reflects or emits infrared light. 

The Infrared Spectrum
Infrared light waves are located in the electromagnetic spectrum above visible light because of their longer wavelength. Many surfaces and materials react or emit infrared light waves differently than visible light waves, capturing images in a way that is not visible to the human eye. Such images require an infrared-sensitive medium such as infrared film or a digital photographic sensor, which can be more effective when used without the infrared-blocking filters they are often equipped with.

Functioning of the Cokin Nuances Extreme Infrared IR 720 filter
Conventional light sources such as the sun, photographic strobes or light bulbs can be used as infrared light sources. However, since infrared films and digital photographic sensors can be more sensitive to the relatively higher energy and shorter wavelength visible light that these sources also emit, the infrared light can be obscured. The Cokin Nuances Extreme Infrared IR 720 filter makes it possible to capture images of how subjects are illuminated by infrared light by blocking ultraviolet and visible light waves with a wavelength of less than 670nm that fall on the lens on which it is mounted. Instead, visible and infrared light at or above 670nm is gradually transmitted, with 50% infrared light at 720nm and 98-99% infrared light at 950nm.

Images with more contrast and clarity
The Cokin Nuances Extreme Infrared IR 720 filter is made of optical mineral glass and has an anti-glare coating to help reduce surface reflections for greater contrast and clarity, while additional hydrophobic coatings provide an enhanced pearl effect on contact with water and easier cleaning.

C-shaped edges for better durability
The filter has C-shaped edges. This rounded edge shape resists chipping for better durability. 

Cokin filter holder
The infrared filter must be inserted into the first slot of the filter holder to prevent stray light from passing between the filter and the rear lens. For use with a Cokin X-series filter holder without built-in gaskets, a light blocking gasket is included. However, it is recommended to use the Cokin EVO L filter holder.


  • Compatible with Cokin X series filter holders
  • For use with infrared film or digital cameras
  • Allows visible and infrared light at and above 670nm to pass through
  • Blocks UV and visible light below 670nm
  • Filter factor of approximately 256x to 1000x reduces exposure by approximately 8 to 10 stops
  • Made of optical mineral glass
  • Anti-glare coatings reduce surface reflections
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • 2-Year Warranty

In the box

  • 1 x Pouch

CompatibleX Series
Filter typeInfra red (IR)

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