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2 x Studioflash TF-401 Digital;2 x Light stand W806 114-260 cm;2 x Soft box 60x80 cm SBQ-SB6080;2 x Reflector
2x Falcon Eyes Sophiez SO-28TD Bi-Color LED lamp;2x Power supply;2x Carrying case;2x Antenna;2x Lamp stand (Falcon Eyes W805 101-235cm)

Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set TFK-2401 Digital

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The professional Falcon Eyes studio flash TF-401 with 400Ws flash power provides everything a professional photographer needs. Everything is there: quick charging time, robust metal housing, professional bayonet connection for accessories, fan cooling and a built-in slave receiver. Thanks to the digital display, the studio flash can be adjusted accurately. The modeling lamp can be turned on and off and can be adjusted proportional with the flash power. Furthermore, the studio flash has an auto dump function. This means that when the output power is reduced, the power will automatically be discharged.


Possibilities Falcon Eyes TF-401


The studio flash can be mounted on every light stand. On the bayonet connector, a wide variety of accessories can be mounted such as soft boxes, beauty dishes and a barn door set. The foot includes an umbrella holder. For an optional umbrella and other accessories, see: Optional Accessories .


This set comes with two light stands. two soft boxes and all the cables you need, so you can start right away.

2 x Studioflash TF-401 Digital;2 x Light stand W805 101-235 cm;2 x Soft box 60x80 cm SBQ-SB6080;2 x Reflector

The Bi-Color LED Lamp Sophiez SO-28TD Set 1 by Falcon Eyes is a universal photo and video set, consisting of two SO-28TD LED lamps and two stands. The lamps offer freely adjustable colour temperature (3,000-5,600K) and emit a soft, natural light. The set can be used in your studio as well as on location.

The Sophiez SO-28TD LED lamps

With this set you will receive two SO-28TD LED lamps from the popular Falcon Eyes Sophiez series. The lamp is equipped with 120 small LED lights (not individually visible), which together provide an output of 28 Watt. Because of the high CRI value of 95, you can always count on natural colours. You can set the colour temperature yourself from 3000K (warm yellow light) to 5600K (daylight), and everything in between. In addition, you can also determine the power of the lamp yourself. By means of optionally available NP-F batteries, you can also use the lamp in places where no mains power is available, for example outside.

Tripods for Sophiez SO-28TD

For both LED lights you will also receive a stand with universal spigot connection. These are sturdy, yet lightweight. This makes them easy to take along, also on location. The three sections of the tripod are sprung. The minimum height is 107 cm; the maximum adjustable height is 242 cm. The maximum loadable weight of the tripod is 4 kg.

Usage Falcon Eyes SO-28TD Set 1

This set is ideal for any photo and video production where extra natural light without shadowing is desirable. Think for example of product photography, or portrait photography. The soft, widespread light ensures a natural reproduction of the subject. Moreover, it gives you a lot of freedom in terms of colour temperature and desired power. By aiming both Sophiez lamps at different angles on the subject, you also prevent shadows from forming. In addition, LED lighting makes it possible to see the effect on the subject in advance.

Number of flashes in set2 Flash Head Kits
Power Watt400
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