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The Kenko SKYMEMO can also be used with field scopes, which normally provide difficulty when determining accurate view ranges through traditional manual methods.

It allows the SKYMEMO mini to tilt up to 90 degrees and has 4 individual thumb screws for making minute adjustments to the position of the head. This makes fine-tuning polar alignment of the Kenko SKYMEMO mini much easier. Additionally, it can also be used with our Kenko PRO1S Spotting Scope, and any DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

  • A fine micro adjustment wedge of angle.
  • Suitable for use with tracking platform and a spotting scopes.
  • Arca-Swiss compatible shoe base.
  • Can be used with heads or mounted directly to a camera.
  • Ultra lightweight at 250g and supports up to 6kg.

Main features

Bearing Knob

The direction adjustment can be adjusted from a range of +/- 8° (total 16°). 1 turn of knob provides approximately 1.7° movement.

Altitude Adjustment Knob

The altitude adjustment can be adjusted from +/- 10° (total 20°). A single turn of the knob provides approximately 1.7° movement.

Kenko SKYMEMO Pinpoint Wedge is useful for the products that require detailed settings for angles and positions. If you put the products such as the Kenko SKYMEMO mini directly on a tripod, it will be needed to use the tripod lever to adjust the position, but in this case it is very difficult to make fine adjustments.

However, you can adjust the position easily by combining the SKYMEMO Pinpoint Wedge.


In addition to 1/4" camera screws, it can be attached directly to the Arca compatible shoe base.

Type of ProductAccessories for sliders

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