Profoto Grid Kit (10° & 20° for A1) A1 Light Shaping Tools (For A1 Flash only)

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2 x Stand L-30L;1 x Cross beam CT-3150;1 x Canvas bag;1 x Hex key;2 x Spigot top piece

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The Grid Kit is a small and portable kit consisting of two grids that reduce the light spread to either 10° or 20°. They can easily be fastened onto your Profoto A1 in just one click, thanks to the smart magnetic mount, and are also stackable with other A1 Light Shaping Tools to enable a diverse use. Grids create a direct and circular shape of light, which makes them helpful for many photographic purposes, such as when creating accent or hair light, intriguing background effects or simply controlling stray light.
Reduces light spread to 10° or 20°
Controls stray light and adds contrast
Easily clicks onto the Profoto A1 magnetic mount
Can be stacked onto the Profoto A1 gels
Adapter includedProfoto

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