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1x AGM Varmint LRF TS50-640 Thermal Rifle Scope with Laser Rangefinder;1x Weaver/Picatinny mount;1x Carrying case;1x Rechargeable 18650 battery;1x Battery charger;1x USB-C cable;1x Lens cloth;1x Manual;1x Full-color packaging

AGM Varmint LRF TS50-640 Thermal Rifle Scope with Laser Rangefinder

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The Varmint LRF TS50-640 from the American AGM Global Vision is a thermal imaging rifle scope with laser rangefinder from the absolute top segment of the market. The thermal scope has a high-quality 640x512 detector (12μm) and a large 50mm objective lens, which gives you a detection distance of up to 2.5 km. The device is less than 21 cm long and weighs only 720 grams.

The AGM Varmint LRF TS50-640 has a field of view of 8.8 x 7 degrees and an optical magnification of 2.5x. You can increase this up to 20x with a digital zoom. The PiP mode allows you to further magnify a small area in the image. The device has a razor-sharp 0.39" OLED display (1024x768) of which can manually adjust the contrast and brightness.

You can use five different reticles that you can set in four colors and also in brightness. These magnify with the zoom you use, similar to First Focal Plane (FFP) of daytime rifle scopes. You can also fully turn off the reticle. To shoot in the scope, you can adjust both the height and width. For the adjustment range at 100 meters, each click of the turrets represents 0.51 MOA / 0.15 mil.

There are several color palettes to select from, including Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Full-color and Target Highlight. With the latter feature, you will see a small indicator on screen that automatically "points" to the hottest object. This allows you to easily detect and track game. You can also take photos and videos. These are stored on the internal 16GB memory and can be transferred to your laptop or computer with the USB-C cable (included). The scope can also be connected to Wi-fi. This allows you to live stream images to a smartphone or tablet.

A Weaver/Picatinny mount is included with this product as standard. If your weapon has a different connection - e.g. Dovetail - you will need an adapter. These are available at various hunting stores or online shops. The unit is IP67 certified, so it is waterproof and can withstand a 1.5m drop onto concrete. This means you can use the scope even in the most challenging conditions. With just one 18650 battery (a rechargeable type is included), you can use the AGM Varmint LRF for up to 4.5 hours.

Specifications of the laser rangefinder

Using the built-in laser rangefinder, you can measure distances to animals, people and objects. The distance to the target you are focusing on is shown on the display. The laser beam has a range of up to 600m and an accuracy of about 1m. The laser has a wavelength of 905nm, is classified in the Laser Safety Class 1 and is therefore eye-safe. This is the highest safety class, but it is still not recommended to look into the source or beam.

Application AGM Varmint LRF TS50-640

This thermal imaging rifle scope is designed for the professional or demanding enthusiast who wants to shoot at (very) long distances at night. It is a thermal scope from the absolute high end of the market. This makes it an indispensable tool for the hunter or any form of tactical use. The advantage of a 640x512 detector combined with a 50mm lens is that you benefit from a maximum detection distance and quality. Because the AGM Varmint LRF has all the crucial features, such as a laser rangefinder, you have everything you need to shoot with extreme precision even at long distances.

Thermal Rifle Scopes

AGM Rattler TS25-384AGM Varmint TS35-384AGM Varmint TS50-640
Detector resolution384x288384x288640x512
Objective lens diameter25mm35mm50mm
Magnification and max. zoom1.5 - 12x3 - 24x2.5 - 20x
Detection distance880 m1.7 km2.5 km
Field of View (degrees)15 x 11.27.5 x 5.68.8 x 7
Weight500 grams650 grams720 grams

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