walimex Studio Filter Set, 4pcs., 80x100cm

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walimex Studio Filter Set, 4pcs., 80x100cm
  • Filter Set consisting of 2 diffusion foils and 2 colour temperature changing foils
  • each with a size of 80x100cm
  • ideal for the use in studio and for video shootings
  • diffusion foils soften the light, e.g. in front of fluorescent lights
  • Wratten foil for changing the colour temperature
  • foils can be combined used
  • fastening through clips or similar

With the Studio Filter Set from walimex you will get four different foils, which can provide many different services in your studio.

The both diffusion foils in transparency Frost no. 4 and Frost No. 10 with their different strong light transmissions offer best possibilities to soften the light or to regulate strong light. Both foils can be mounted in front of e.g. a fluorescent light. You will receive the both colour temperature changing foils with Wratten 82A, which increases the colour temperature from 3200°K to 5000°K (from artificial light to daylight) and with Wratten 85, which reduces the colour temperature from 6500°K to 3200°K (daylight to artificial light).

The four foils can be certainly used in combination, so that everything from artificial light to mixed light.

Dimensions (LxW)each approx. 100x80cm
Materialplastic foil
  • 1x Diffusion Foil in Frost No. 4
  • 1x Diffusion Foil in Frost No. 10
  • 1x Colour Temperature Changing Foil in Wratten 82A
  • 1x Colour Temperature Changing Foil in Wratten 85
Adapter includedBowens

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