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The Benro IFOTO IF19 is the perfect all-rounder tripod for those travelling.

Extending to just under 1.5metres, and only weighing 1.64kg, this versatile tripod can hold up to 8kg.

Each leg can be placed at 3 pre-set angles making it ideal for getting lower to your subject whilst not loosing stability. The legs lock in place with ‘grip-shift’ controls.

The ball head has both a damping lock and a fine adjustment control which is ideal for panoramic shots.

Each leg section is made from high quality, high intensity and world class aluminium adding to the versatility and lightweight nature of this tripod.

  • Tripod Max. Height 147 cm
  • Tripod Closed Height 34.8 cm
  • Tripod Weight 1.64 kg
  • Tripod Payload Capacity 8 kg
  • Low Level Option Yes
  • Build Material Aluminium
  • Leg Sections 5
  • Reflex design, put away from the traditional more compact
  • Two axes
  • Fast retracts
  • Aluminium alloy material, light and affordable
  • Equipped with quick release device, complete the camera handling only one action
  • Can be converted to monopod for use

Benro IF19 foto statīvs

Benro IF19 foto statīvs

Benro IF19 foto statīvs

Benro IF19 foto statīvs

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