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This flash unit from the GN-MV series has a sturdy, compact casing and is multi-usable. Due to its fast charging time and slave function, this studio flash unit is not only suitable for amateur photographers, but also for the professional. There are many optional accessories available such as a barn door set, snoot, colour filters, honeycomb and many different softboxes. All these accessories are firmly fixed on the bayonet connector. In the stand connector is also the umbrella holder incorporated.

Application Falcon Eyes Studio Flash GN-150MV

The studio flash units from the GN-MV series are very suitable for a small studio and because of its compact size and the light weight it is also easy to take along on location. In combination with a separately available spherical ball (see relevant accessories) these flash units are also suitable for use in your passport photograph studio. The flash tube is easy to replace yourself.

The flash unit has a universal spigot connector so it fits on all popular light stands.

When you want to see all accessories which are available for this studioflash, please click here.

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