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Walimex silikona kameras futralis Canon 5D MK III easy cover 5D MK III 19438

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Canon 5D Mark III aizsardzība silikona materiāla ietvarā.

Pasargā kameru no skrāpējumiem, un novalkāšanas. Neietekmē kameras lietošanas ērtumu. Neslīdošs materiāls labākai saķerei. Viegli piekļūt atmiņas kartes un baterijas nodalījumam. Ietver divus pašlīpošus aizsargus kameras displejam.

Skatu meklētājs paredzēts kamerām Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 500D, Nikon D700, D800
  • silicone protection cover for SLR camera Canon 5D Mark III
  • protects reliably against scratches, impacts and wear
  • no effect on camera functions at all
  • anti-skid grip surfaces for much more stability
  • access to memory card and battery compartment
  • incl. self-adhesive protection foil for your camera display

As the most important and most-used implement of every photographer, the camera needs to withstand the highest impacts day-to-day. Environmental impacts such as humidity and dust as well as unavoidable scratches and pushes can lead to unattractive signs of wear. A protection cover for the camera can prevent such damages. Like a second skin, the easyCover fits over your camera and protects it simply and reliably.

The silicone cover can easily be put over your Canon camera. All operating functions of your camera can be found 1:1 on the cover, so that the full functionality is guaranteed without restrictions. Naturally, you still have access to the memory card and battery compartment. Additionally, the anti-skid grip surfaces in the most important spots provide compact grip and secure stability. As to protect your camera display as well, one self-adhesive foil is also included in delivery. While your camera enjoys best protection, you can pay attention to the really important things: impressive pictures!

General information

Product Type Camera Case
Product Color Black
Material Silicone
Width 70mm
Height 120mm
Length 160mm
Weight 95g
Compatibility Canon 5D Mark III


Girth 607mm
Height of Packaging 79mm
Length of Packaging 196mm
Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 165g
Width of Packaging 185mm
AizsargiKameras aizsargi
Aizsargs paredzēts kamerāmCanon

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