Mikrofoni - Boya Headphone BY HP2 Studio Microphone BY PM700 - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

1x BY-PM700 Studio Microphone;1x BY-HP2 Headphones;1x Adjustable desk stand;1x USB cable;1x 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable; 1x 6.3mm adapter; 1x Storage bag;2x Manual;2x Warranty Card;2x Packaging

Boya Headphone BY HP2 Studio Microphone BY PM700

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Preces veidsMikrofoni
MikrofoniDaudzvirzienu mikrofoni
Mikrofonu savienojumsAr vadu
Savienojuma spraudnis3,5mm

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This combo consists of a studio microphone and headphones from Boya. Together, you use these to make professional voice recordings and listen in on your own recordings live. To read all the details, check out the product pages of the individual items. You can find these in the optional accessories of this combo. Exclusively through this sales channel, you will receive a three-year warranty on the BY-AM1, after registration via the warranty card in the packaging.

BY-HP2 and BY-PM700 application

The combination of the BY-HP2 headphones and BY-PM700 studio microphone is the ideal setup for voice actors, podcast creation, various apps and other applications where you use your voice. The headphones are also an ideal tool for video editing. Below is a description of the BY-HP2 and BY-PM700.

The headphones - BY-HP2

The BY-HP2 by Boya is a wired over-ear headphone. When you want to rely on natural sound while making (video) recordings or post-processing, the BY-HP2 offers a solution. You connect the supplied cable to the BY-HP2's two 3.5 mm ports and connect the other end to a camera, laptop, PC or mixing console. You will find that the BY-HP2 sits very comfortably on your head, thanks to the auto-adjusting headband. Inside the BY-HP2 is a 40 mm driver, which ensures perfect reproduction of sound. It can be operated with an input of up to 300mW. The frequency range is from 20HZ to 20kHZ. Batteries or a battery are unnecessary, you just plug the BY-HP2 into the sound source and it works. You easily store the BY-HP2 headphones, cable and 6.3 mm adapter in the included storage bag.

The microphone - BY-PM700

The Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM700 is a condenser microphone, which is great for recording speech, interviews, conference calls, vocals, instruments, podcasts and more. The BY-PM700 is highly functional and features the following four recording characteristics:

- Stereo: sounds from the sides are recorded; sounds from the front and back are filtered. Suitable for stereo recording of general sound.
- Cardioid: sounds from the front are recorded; sounds from other sides are ignored. Suitable for recording, for example, dialogues, podcasts and speeches.
- Omnidirectional: Sounds from all sides are recorded evenly. Suitable for vivid, natural recording of voices and surroundings, for example.
- Bi-directional: Sounds from the front and back are recorded; sounds from the sides are filtered out. Suitable for recording an interview between two people, or instruments.

The studio microphone is compatible with Windows and MacOS (via the supplied USB cable). Using software of your choice, such as Audacity or Audition, you can easily make sound recordings and save them directly. The computer also provides the power supply for the microphone. Thus no batteries are required.

Preces veidsMikrofoni
MikrofoniDaudzvirzienu mikrofoni
Mikrofonu savienojumsAr vadu
Savienojuma spraudnis3,5mm

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