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Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 is an improved version of the cult backpack, which has been loved by thousands of travelers, vloggers and photographers around the world. If you appreciate the highest quality of workmanship, innovation and urban design, it was created just for you! Well thought-out ergonomic design makes it suitable both for everyday use - on the way to work or to the university, but also for bike trips, outdoor excursions and carefree strolling around the city with a camera or camcorder in hand.

Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 Backpack - Black

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Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 is an improved version of the cult backpack, which has been loved by thousands of travelers, vloggers and photographers around the world. If you appreciate the highest quality of workmanship, innovation and urban design, it was created just for you! Well thought-out ergonomic design makes it suitable for everyday use - on the way to work or to the university, as well as during bike trips, outdoor excursions and carefree wandering around the city with a camera or camcorder in hand. The backpack offers different ways to access its contents, as well as many personalization solutions. It also works with accessories from Wandrd to further expand its capabilities. Among them you will find professional photo inserts that provide even better protection for your gear, straps for carrying accessories, a hip belt and a special rain cover. All Wandrd products are distinguished by exceptional attention to detail and the use of durable, high-end materials (including: 1680D Robic ballistic nylon, waterproof Tarpaulin and P200 with a polyurethane coating). The All-new Prvke 21 backpack is also resistant to harsh weather conditions, and splash-proof zippers provide even better protection from moisture. When you choose the Wandrd brand, you also get a lifetime warranty! Main Features of the Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 Backpack a new and improved version of the iconic Wandrd Prvke backpack even stronger magnets installed in the backpack carrying handle additional pockets on the inside of the opening back for easy organization and quick access new harness and back profile designed for even more comfort additional strap for convenient mounting of the backpack on the folding handle of a travel suitcase Excellent workmanship and lifetime warranty support for Wandrd accessories that expand the functionality of the backpack (including: photo inserts, hip belt, cover and bags) special side pocket offering quick and convenient access to your camera laptop and tablet pockets padded with fabric for better protection An expandable chimney allows you to increase the capacity of the backpack from 21 liters to 26 liters Made of waterproof fabric for better protection made of water-resistant materials and equipped with splash-proof zippers an enlarged pocket for bottle or tripod special pocket with key clip adjustable chest strap hidden pocket for documents or money modular design - configure your backpack however you want The perfect travel companion Whether you're conquering the next Polish peak or hitchhiking across Europe, an uncomfortable backpack is the last thing you want to worry about when exploring new places and exploring the farthest corners of the globe. The Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 is a solution that travelers around the world have come to appreciate. Thoughtful design of the backpack ensures proper ventilation of the back, and adjustable shoulder straps and chest and hip belts provide the perfect fit for your body. As you travel the miles with the All-new Prvke 21, you will take pure pleasure in the sights, attractions and meeting people, while clever solutions, such as a hidden space for documents or money, an expandable pocket for a bottle or tripod, and a special strap that allows you to conveniently attach the backpack to the fold-out handle of your travel suitcase, will make your travel even more comfortable. It's even better! The backpack with a lifetime warranty, which has long gained cult status in the circle of travelers, photographers and urban lifestyle enthusiasts, has just lived to see a new improved version. Over the past years, Wandrd has listened carefully to the opinions of its customers, looking for those elements of its flagship product that could be improved. The result is the All-new Prvke 21, the same award-winning design made from high quality water-resistant materials, with a new harness and back profile designed for even greater comfort. The All-new Prvke 21 also features additional pockets on the inside of the detachable back for easy organization and quick access, as well as a special strap that allows you to conveniently attach it to the fold-down handle of your travel suitcase. The perfect backpack just got perfect! The photographer's essentials The Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 offers everything you need to safely store your camera gear and conveniently pack the accessories you need while working with your camera. With multiple access points to each section of the backpack, the hassle of getting your gear out is effectively eliminated. Thoughtful design and extras such as a quick access pocket, lens cap holders, mounting straps, expandable tripod pocket and modular construction will make your work or hobby of photography, filming or drone operation even more convenient! Importantly, the backpack is also compatible with the separately available Wandrd Camera Cube photo inserts to further expand your personalization and storage options. For all weather Few people like rain, especially when it can damage expensive camera equipment. Fortunately, with the Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 backpack, harsh weather conditions will be no obstacle at all! It is made of high quality waterproof materials that will prevent water from getting inside. Additional protection against moisture is provided by splash-proof zippers. In case of an exceptional downpour or blizzard you can also use a separately purchased Wandrd Rainfly rain cover, which you can store during sunny days in a special pocket located on the bottom of the backpack. Inner-city style The Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 is a stylish combination of designer bag and functional backpack, with great customization options and convenient storage for the things you need in the urban jungle. Whether you're heading to work, going on a photo shoot, visiting the gym or hanging out with friends, the versatile style of the Prvke series will find its way anywhere. High quality workmanship and refined modular design will allow you to perfectly fit your needs, as well as safely transport and store your urban gear and work tools. A backpack alone is not everything! At any time, you can expand the capabilities of your Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 backpack by personalizing it to better suit your needs. Choose from three photo inserts to provide even more security for your stored cameras, lenses and accessories. With the Wandrd Camera Cube product series, each device gets a perfectly sized compartment for protection and even more convenient access. A special waist belt adds to the comfort of the trip, and mounting additional accessories on the backpack is ensured by straps equipped with solid snap hooks for easy installation. Additional accessories for the Prvke series backpacks are available in Photo Bundles. They can also be purchased individually depending on your needs. Tailored to your needs Travel, photography and vlogging enthusiasts have come to love the Wandrd Prvke series backpacks. Their unique modular design offers a range of conveniences for convenient transport, quick access and safe storage of gear. The roll-up chimney allows you to expand the space of the backpack significantly at any time, so that if necessary you can throw in extra equipment or clothes for colder days. Convenient access to individual sections of the backpack, as well as the ability to combine and divide them, provides additional personalization and even greater convenience. And thanks to 6 mounting points for special carrying straps, you can take even more accessories with you on your trip without having to invest in new covers and more carry bags. This is called a guarantee! The creators of the Wandrd brand are very serious about being responsible for their customers and the planet. However, anyone can write that their products feature high quality materials and workmanship. In this case, words are followed by actions. All backpacks from Wandrd come with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to this you can be sure that your All-new Prvke 21 will not end up in a landfill after a few years of intensive use. If something breaks, simply write to the manufacturer and they will repair the fault or replace the product. Hike more, worry less! Wandrd is a promise of excellent quality followed by real action! Specifications model: Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 warranty: lifetime materials used: Robic 1680D ballistic nylon waterproof Tarpaulin material P200 material with polyurethane coating splashproof zippers dimensions: external: 43 x 28 x 17 cm internal: 41 x 25 x 14 cm weight: 1.3 kg colour: black Compatibility belt for carrying Wandrd accessories belt for Wandrd backpacks Wandrd Camera Cube Mini photo insert Wandrd Camera Cube Essential photo insert Wandrd Camera Cube Pro photo insert Kit contents Wandrd All-new Prvke 21 backpack - black
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