walimex Multiplug Bracket for Ceiling Rail System 16556

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  • convenient complement to walimex Ceiling Rail System
  • runner plus multiple plug bracket for organized and clearly arranged working
  • avoids needless cable tangle in your studio
  • simple mounting of multiple plugs through cable straps
  • especially convenient: double roller with 5/8 inch spigot can be used separately

Untroubled working pleasure on a high level! Avoid the troublesome cable mix-up in your studio and finally find a remedy with the convenient multiple plug bracket from walimex: The Multiple Plug Bracket is especially suitable for the walimex Ceiling Rail System, but thanks to the 5/8 inch spigots it can also be used on tripods or similar. Just put your multiple plug on the bracket, fix it with cable straps and you have already reduced the quantity of the hanging cables. Benefit from the 2in1 advantage of this product, because you can use the runner separately in your Ceiling Rail System.

General information

Connection 5/8 inch spigot
Type Socket support
Material Metal, synthetic material
total weight 650g
Weight 625g
Height 170mm
Length 200mm
Product Color Black


Girth 996mm
Height of Packaging 59mm
Length of Packaging 620mm
Weight incl. Packaging 740g
Width of Packaging 129mm

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