mantona Surfing Set for GoPro Hero 20552

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Saderība ar kamerāmGoPro
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  • set for fastening the GoPro Hero on surfboards, kayaks, snowboards or ski
  • secure hold in snow and water
  • two adhesive fasteners each for GoPro and pads with loop to secure the camera
  • secure hold on various types of sports boards
  • with adapter for FCS fins of various surfboards
  • attachment of camera on the board by means of clip adapter

The Surfset from mantona is the optimal set for sports boards in snow and water. The adhesive fastening withstands high forces and safety stick to smooth surfaces - no matter whether surfboard, snowboard or ski. The pads can also be used on kayaks or kite boards. The additional safety pads can be connected with the camera by means of a small loop and thus protect the camera against loss. The adapter, which can be used with all FCS fins serves as direct fastening of the camera on the board. The camera must be fastened with the fastening clip, via the big adhesive pad. This also enables quick changing from one mounting unit to the next.

General information

Product Type Action Cam Tripod and Mount, Action Cam Sets
Material Synthetic material
Weight 60g


Compatible Action Cams Universal for all GoPro models like Gopro Hero4 Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero3 + Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero3 / 2/1 Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero Session
length security loop 180mm
Diameter FCS Adapter 40mm
Diameter adhesive Pads 60mm
Diameter Saftey Pad 35mm


Girth 294mm
Height of Packaging 32mm
Length of Packaging 90mm
Weight incl. Packaging 39g
Width of Packaging 70mm
Aksesuāru tipskomplekti
Saderība ar kamerāmGoPro
Stiprinājuma veidsKomplekts

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