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UGREEN LP113 Holder, phone/tablet stand (black) 30488





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Universal holder UGREEN LP113 designed for phones and tablets 3,7-10,6″ will work in many different situations. The possibility of setting its angle of inclination and rotation makes it easy to adapt it to your needs. With the help of a practical clip you will securely fix it to the furniture, and thanks to a well thought-out design you will comfortably use it in any situation.

The accessory is designed to give you the possibility to freely adjust its position. The bendable arm is distinguished by its exceptional flexibility and strength. One part of the arm is made of hard material that provides the necessary stability and the other of soft material that allows you to freely adjust its position.

The phone or tablet holder is rotatable through 360°. So you can set it exactly the way you want and watch movies from any angle. Nothing limits you - adjust the position of the accessory to your preferences and enjoy the freedom!

Equipped with non-slip silicone overlays, the durable clip allows you to securely attach the holder to a shelf or table up to 7.6cm thick. This practical solution gives you extraordinary freedom. You can easily mount the holder where you need it and you will enjoy your dream comfort.

The accessory was designed with great attention to detail. Holes in the cradle allow you to connect the power cord and headphones to conveniently charge your phone or tablet while watching and enjoy excellent sound quality. Silicone caps protect your devices and furniture from damage, while providing a stable mount and security.

Use this functional handle to free your hands and watch movies comfortably, while resting or doing something else. Place it in the kitchen when you're cooking or in the bedroom when you want to relax before bedtime. It is up to you how you use this universal accessory - the possibilities are endless!

  • Brand UGREEN
  • Name Multifunction Phone Stand
  • Model LP113
  • Length 80 cm
  • Suitable for Phones and tablets
  • Color Black
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