DicaPac WP-S5 maciņš Outdoor / underwater bag soma Nr.17008

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Piegādes laiks parasti 6 - 10 darba dienas
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  • suitable for all small compact cameras with optical zoom with the dimensions of approx. 15x11x5cm and a tele zoom up to approx. 9,5cm
  • with flexible zoom extension from 5cm to 9,5cm
  • ideal for underwater, sports and travel photography
  • protects against dust, water, snow and sand
  • with convenient zip-closing and additional Velcro fastener
  • suitable for the use in fresh and salt water, waterproof up to approx. 5m
  • resistant against ultraviolet light
  • incl. neck strap

Realize unrivalled pictures during your diving holidays, unmistakable good photographies on your rafting tour or unforgettable moments when playing in the padding pool. Take your camera for jogging or walking in rain! And you do not have to fear the next desert safari and city trip anymore!
No matter where, no matter when, with the DiCAPac WP-S5 Outdoor/ Underwater Case you don´t need to be afraid of rain, splash water, sand and dust., because your camera is optimal protected in the PVC case against these outer influences. The operating function is not influenced at all, because the integrated lens support ensures zooming inside the bag.
Even on your snorkeling or diving tour, the DiCaPac Case guarantees water depth up to approx. 5m, so that you can approach the beautiful fishes and coral and coral algaes very near and take wonderful pictures. Very charming and convenient is the UV resistance through the material.

General information

Locking Systems Zip fastener , Velcro attachment
raincover Yes
Lens Extraction 95mm
max. Dive Depth 5m
Window No
Suitable for Small compact cameras with optical zoom with masses from approx 15x11x5cm
Material 60% PVC, 40% polyurethane
Weight 450g


stand attachment No

Data outside

Width (Outside) 180mm
Height (outside) 50mm
Length (outside) 210mm
Width (Inside) 110mm
Height (inside) 50mm
Length (inside) 150mm


Girth 898mm
Height of Packaging 115mm
Length of Packaging 250mm
Packaging Material Polybag
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 709g
Width of Packaging 209mm
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