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Yongnuo YN685EX-RF is a professional flash with high power and efficient power supply. This model is designed for Sony cameras (Multi Interface hot shoe). The device is equipped with a receiver and a transmitter enabling communication with the Yongnuo radio triggering system. It can operate both as a "slave” and "master” unit.

Flash light Yongnuo YN685EX-RF for Sony

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  • GN60@ISO100,200mm, TTL, M, vairāku režīmu, HSS (ātrgaitas sinhronizācija), aizvara ātrums ir līdz 1/8000 s, atbalsta USB programmaparatūras atjauninājumu, skaņas uzvedni, pielāgotu funkciju un automātiskās saglabāšanas funkciju, LCD displejs Aprīkots ar ekrānu un standarta datora sinhrono interfeisu, atbalsta automātisko tālummaiņu un manuālo tālummaiņu, zibspuldzes pārklājumu var iestatīt diapazonā no 20 līdz 200 m, atbalsta īpaši ātru otrreizējās pārstrādes sistēmu un ārējo akumulatoru.
  • Iebūvētā Yongnuo 2.4G bezvadu RF radio iedarbināšanas sistēma, YN685EX-RF var izmantot kā galveno vai pakārtoto ierīci, tā ir pilnībā saderīga ar RF radio iedarbināšanas signāliem no YN650EX-RF / YN685EX-RF / YN320EX / YN685 (II) / YN720 / YN560 IV / YN660 / YN560 III / YN560-TX (pro) / RF603 / RF602 / YN32-TX. Tajā ir arī 16 pārraides kanāli un 10 000 bezvadu radio ID, kas atvieglo vairāku zibšņu apgaismojumu.
  • Atbalsta vairāku grupu zibspuldzes neatkarīgu vadību, ja to izmanto kā radio galveno ierīci, produkts spēj vadīt 5 neatkarīgas grupas, realizējot zibspuldzes režīma, zibspuldzes jaudas un fokusa attāluma tālvadību YN650EX-RF / YN685EX-RF / YN320EX / YN685(II) / YN720 / YN560 IV / YN660 / YN560 III.
  • Atbalsta optiskās pārraides bezvadu padeves zibspuldzi, optiskās pārraides bezvadu zibspuldzes uzņemšanā YN685EX-RF var iestatīt kā palīgierīci, lai saņemtu optiskās pārraides bezvadu iedarbināšanas signālus no YN320EX un Sony zibspuldzēm, piemēram, HVL-F32M, HVL-F60RM, HVL. -F60M, mirgo ārpus kameras TTL režīma.
  • Saderīgs ar Sony MI Hot Shoe bezspoguļkamerām, piemēram, A7RIV A7RIII A7RII A7R A7III A7II A7 A7SII A7S III A7S A6600 A6500 A6400 A6300 A6100 A6000 A58 A97 A99II>
Yongnuo YN685EX-RF is a professional flash with high power and efficient power supply. This model is designed for Sony cameras (Multi Interface hot shoe). The device is equipped with a receiver and a transmitter enabling communication with the Yongnuo radio triggering system. It can operate both as a "slave" and "master" unit. The flash can operate in manual, strobe and TTL modes. It also offers HSS high-speed sync (up to 1/8000 s) and optical flash triggering (Sc, S1, S2). It also allows control of 5 groups of flashes within 16 channels. Powered by 4 AA batteries, you will be able to shoot between 100 and 1500 depending on the power level selected. Main product features A flash designed for Sony cameras Powerful flash with a guide number of GN 60 Powerful flash with a guide number of GN 60 Mountable on Multi Interface hot shoe mounts Compatible with Sony's camera hot shoe compatible with Yongnuo RF radio triggering system (RF602 and RF603) equipped with TTL automatic flash power selection system HSS high-speed sync mode (up to 1/8000 s) optical flash trigger (Sc, S1, S2) support for manual (M) and strobe (Multi) radio transmission as a "slave" or "master" unit flash coverage of focal lengths from 20 to 200 mm automatic or manual control of torch zoom short flash loading time of as little as 2 seconds first or second curtain sync readable and clear backlit LCD screen real-time battery status display control of 5 lamp groups within 16 channels audio notification system which can be switched off automatic saving of last used settings built-in reflector and diffuser power saving mode and overheat protection micro USB port for updating to the latest software version powered by 4 batteries powered by 4 AA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) possibility to connect to an external "battery pack" Universal application The Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash for Sony features a high GN 60 flash guide number. Its high power and wide adjustment range (from 1/1 to 1/128, with 1/3 EV step) allow you to precisely adjust its power to different lighting conditions. Multiple flash triggering methods are a guarantee of versatility that will provide photographers with high comfort when working with a single flash or in combination with other devices. Multiple flash triggering methods Yongnuo YN685EX-RF Speedlight was created especially for Sony camera users. It is equipped with a Multi Interface hot shoe, which is compatible with the sleds of that brand. There's also a PC socket on the housing. Just reach for a cable with traditional PC sync connector and you will have one more way to synchronize the flash. Optical flash triggering The Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash can be used as a "slave" unit when working with flash units such as the Yongnuo YN320EX or Sony products (such as the HVL-F32M, HVL-F60RM or HVL-F60M). The device also supports manual flash triggering modes - S1 and S2. This enables basic wireless communication with almost all flashes available on the market. Even more useful features Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash for Sony is equipped with TTL automatic flash power selection system and HSS high-speed sync mode (up to 1/8000 s). These solutions are ideal for use in variable lighting conditions. The flash also offers first and second curtain sync. These two modes of operation are your ticket to the land of creativity and photographic experimentation! Flashing at the second curtain (at the end of the exposure) allows you to capture the effect of movement behind your subject (e.g. streaks behind a moving car). If you fire the flash at the first curtain (at the beginning of the exposure), the blur created by the light will be in front of the moving subject. Flash radio triggering system Yongnuo YN685EX-RF enables radio communication with other flash units and triggers, compatible with the Yongnuo RF system. This model can be used as a "master" unit, which allows you to control up to 5 different groups of devices within 16 channels from a single interface. This solution will allow you to create an extensive lighting setup that will meet the expectations of the most demanding. If necessary, Yongnuo YN685EX-RF can also serve as a receiver (slave). Thanks to the remote flash triggering, the devices can be located up to 100 meters from each other, which gives a big advantage over the optical triggering, where the lamps need to "see" each other. Backlit screen and convenient operation With the Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash for Sony, you can easily and quickly take care of the light that meets the current needs of your frame. You'll be able to do so with a movable head with manual zoom function (20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 105, 135 or 200 mm), built-in diffuser and reflector. Comfortable operation is assured by an easy to read backlit LCD screen, clear navigation and large buttons. The lamp also offers a system of optional beeps to inform you of the device's status, which you can turn off if you are working in an environment that requires absolute silence. Efficient power supply With basic power and full power, the torch charging time of the Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash for Sony is just 2 seconds. This will help you avoid situations where waiting for the flash to be ready for use misses the chance for perfect shots. The unit is powered by four standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. Compatibility with popular "sticks" makes the lamp work anywhere in the world, and you will not have to worry about the availability of cells. The manufacturer also took care of the energy-saving mode, which in the case of prolonged inactivity will automatically turn off the lamp. If necessary, the external power supply socket will allow you to connect a "battery pack" to the device. Specification model: Yongnuo YN685EX-RF for Sony guide count: GN 60 (ISO 100, 200 mm) flash power adjustment: 1/128 - 1/1 with 1/3 EV step flash modes: manual M, strobe Multi, automatic TTL, Gr trigger methods: lamp on camera RX and TX radio mode photocell Ss, S1, S2 burner zoom: 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 105, 135, 200 mm range of vertical torch movement: -7° ~ 90° range of horizontal torch movement: 180° in each direction Power supply: 4 x AA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) battery life: 100-1500 flashes (for AA alkaline batteries) burner charging time: approx. 2 s flash colour temperature: 5600 K flash time: 1/200 - 1/20000 s High-speed sync (HSS): up to 1/8000 s flash power control: 8 levels of power control (1/128 ~ 1/1), 22 levels of fine-tuning external connectors: Multi Interface hot shoe (for Sony) PC port Pc port Pc port External power supply socket Micro USB port micro USB port Range of radio trigger: up to 100 metres Range of photocell: up to 100 metres photocell range: 20-25 m indoors 10-14 m outdoors Weight: 427 g Weight: 427 g Compatibility Sony cameras equipped with Multi Interface flash sockets Sony cameras equipped with Multi Interface flash sockets Sony cameras equipped with PC socket (using PC sync cable) Radio flash control system Yongnuo RF603 and RF602 radio flash control system receive and respond to signals from: YN650EX-RF, YN685EX-RF, YN320EX, YN685(II), YN720, YN560 IV, YN660, YN650 III, and controllers and triggers: YN650-TX (pro), YN32-TX in S1 and S2 mode compatible with most flashes available on the market Kit contents Yongnuo YN685EX-RF flash for Sony flash bag base

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