LED Gaismas paneļi - Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 II - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

1x Dimmable RGB LED lamp F7 II with internal battery;1x USB-C charging cable;1x Tiltable cold-shoe adapter;1x Storage bag with Velcro strap;1x Overview with theme modes;1x Manual; 1x Diffuser for PockeLite F7;1x Honeycomb for PockeLite F7;1x Packaging

Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 II

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Falcon Eyes


02.08 - 20.08.2024
Saņemt veikalā
03.08 - 22.08.2024
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03.08 - 22.08.2024
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02.08 - 20.08.2024
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Produkta veidsLED Gaismas paneļi
Krāsas temperatūra5600 K
Jauda Watt12

Oriģinālais preces apraksts no ražotāja (oriģinālā valodā)

The Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 II is a compact, multifunctional LED solution with which you can determine the perfect light in every respect. The LED lamp is adjustable in both color composition, color temperature and intensity. In addition, the RGB light has an internal battery and built-in magnet, which allows you to quickly and easily attach the light to metal surfaces, such as pillars. This makes the PockeLite the convenient, portable solution for use in your studio or on your camera! You can soften the light and spread it less wide respectively with the included diffuser and honeycomb.

The lamp is equipped with 96 small LED lights, which together provide an output of 12 watts. The light output of 4,060 lux (at 0.3 meters) provides more than enough light in any situation. Natural colors are always available thanks to the high CRI value of 97. You can set the color temperature yourself from 2500K (warm white light) to 5600K (daylight) and 9000K (bright blue light), and everything in between. In addition, you can also determine the power of the lamp. Would you like the color composition to be slightly different? No problem at all! The Falcon Eyes lamp has an RGB-mode, with which you can mix the colors yourself to the desired color. The F7 II also has pre-programmed settings with gel filters from Rosco and Lee.

Other interesting features are the 16 special light effects you can use. Think for example of flashing lights, lightning or colored flash. These effects are stored in the internal memory, all have their own number and are therefore easy to select. The different settings are shown on the clear OLED display on the back.

Application Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 II

To use the lamp you first need to charge it with the supplied USB-C charging cable. When fully charged, the internal li-ion battery has a usage time of about one hour (measured by continuous use at full power). Through the 1/4" female thread you can connect the RBG lamp to any common tripod. Via the included cold-shoe adapter you can also attach the F7 II to your camera. Finally, you can also attach the lamp to metal surfaces because of the internal magnetic strip. If you want to soften the light or just direct it more, you can use the included honeycomb and diffuser.

Control via smartphone app

You can control all the functions of the PockeLite F7 II via the smartphone app. The communication works on the basis of Bluetooth 5.0. The app is available for iPhone and Android. The original F7 (without the II suffix) does not have this feature. Otherwise, both versions are identical.

Control modes PockeLite F7 II

  • CCT mode: brightness and color temperature (2,500K-9,000K)
  • RGB-mode: compose any color yourself
  • HSI mode: hue, saturation and intensity (0 to 100%)
  • Filter mode: 20 Rosco filters and 20 Lee filters
  • Theme mode: 16 choices, including flashing lights, lightning, colored flash, candlelight

Produkta veidsLED Gaismas paneļi
Krāsas temperatūra5600 K
Jauda Watt12

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