ND neitrāla blīvuma filtri - Hoya Filters Hoya filter kit Pro ND8/64/1000 58mm - perc šodien veikalā un ar piegādi

  • Set of high-quality Hoya filters
  • Includes three filters and a filter pouch
  • ND8 / ND64 / ND1000 filters
  • Suitable for lenses with 58 mm filter thread

Hoya Filters Hoya filter kit Pro ND8/64/1000 58mm

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Hoya Filters


Filtra tipsND (pelēkais)
Filtra izmērs58mm
Blīvuma pakāpeKomplekts

Oriģinālais preces apraksts no ražotāja (oriģinālā valodā)

Practical Hoya filter kit includes:
  • Hoya filter ND1000 Pro 58mm
  • Hoya filter ND64 Pro 58mm
  • Hoya filter ND8 Pro 58mm
  • Filter pouch

HOYA PROND Filter Kit is an essential filter kit designed for amateur or professional photographers and video content creators. The kit consists of 3 ND filters - PROND8, PROND64 and PROND1000, that allow photographer to capture the world in different expressions.

HOYA PROND8 is essential for shooting with fast lenses at wide open aperture during the daytime, which is perfect for portraiture at shallow depth of field. The subject appears crisp and clear on the soft blurred background. Other recommended scenes are night trails, fireworks and lightnings.

HOYA PROND64 is essential for expressing the object in blurred motion during the daytime, which cannot be realized only with camera settings. Recommended for landscape, city snapshot, video and other photographic genres.

PROND1000 (10-STOPS)
HOYA PROND1000 is essential for expressing an unreal fantasy world thanks to its 10 stops reduction of the light amount. Widely used in seascape to blur the waves, street snap to apply clouds motion and architecture to erase moving people.
Filtra tipsND (pelēkais)
Filtra izmērs58mm
Blīvuma pakāpeKomplekts

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