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1x Carson LT-30 (foldable linen tester 5x30mm);1x Full color packaging

Carson Sewing Loupe Foldable 5x30mm LT-30

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Carson's LT-30 is a linen tester with 5x magnification and a 30mm lens. A linen tester, also known as a standing loupe, is a useful tool for studying the small details. After use, you can fold the magnifier back completely.

The magnifier's housing has a measurement scale engraved on it. This can be read in both millimeters and inches. The scale division runs in millimeters from 0 to 25 mm and in Inches from 0 to 1. This allows you to determine the size of an object.

Application Carson LT-30

This linen tester is a suitable accessory for, for example, assessing fabrics, viewing stamps or checking colors. However, you can also place small insects under the magnifying glass and determine its dimensions.


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