Plecu somas - Manfrotto shoulder bag Pro Light Cineloader Large (MB PL-CL-L) MB PL-CL-L - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

  • Manfrotto Pro Light Cineloader series bag
  • Perfect for a professional videographer
  • 25 kg payload – carry a whole video studio
  • Lots of pockets & big modular dividers
  • Made of durable, water-repellant materials

Manfrotto shoulder bag Pro Light Cineloader Large (MB PL-CL-L) MB PL-CL-L

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Oriģinālais preces apraksts no ražotāja (oriģinālā valodā)

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, videography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents its redesigned PRO Light Cineloader collection.
Specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of the video and cine industry, the new collection adapts and scales-up to meet the demands of any professional workflow, offering the most robust protection in a versatile and adaptable solution, ideal for any professional assignment.

Over the past few years, the world of video production has seen unprecedented growth, with professional camera gear delivering greater opportunities for creativity. Cameras are more powerful, top-end and more compact. Easier to carry and modular, they can now adapt from a small shoot to a big production in the blink of an eye. As a result, videographers and camera operators are demanding much greater cross-functionality from their equipment bags. The new PRO Light Cineloader collection meets these evolving needs perfectly. It will carry a wide range of cameras and accessories – from supports to lighting and microphones – and even allows for loading cameras fully-rigged, making projects much faster and more efficient.

Each bag combines hard and soft materials in a unique hybrid design, making for unparalleled protection and versatility. The EVA thermoformed protective top lids allow bags to be loaded and stacked for safe and neat transport – a great time and space-saver. They also have an extra-wide pocket for storing multiple accessories. The side walls have a robust internal structure and the internal dividers feature the M-Guard™ technology. Giving added strength and versatility when fully loaded, it makes life much easier for every professional, from large-scale crews to the one-man band.

Tested for a payload of 25kg, 4 big modular dividers, over 7 different pockets with internal organisers... These are just some of the key features that you'll find in the Pro Light Cineloader Large. Developed to carry your whole video studio in one bag, the Cineloader Large can store an EFP camcorder, plus accessories, tools, audio, and lighting equipment. And is the ideal choice for video and ENG crews looking for a professional solution to carry everything needed for their high-demand assignments.
  • The main big compartment offers plenty of space for many different tools and accessories
  • Three organizers are strategically positioned on the wall to store tidily smaller gear
  • The outer loops offer extra space for multi-tools, pens and modular pouches
  • Side expandble pockets allow for extra accessories when the assignments require extra gear
  • The pocket on the other side offers a semi-transparent window usable for business cards or for small checklists
  • Thanks to the top lid construction & to the walls reinforcements, the bags are capable of being stacked fully loaded without being afraid of damaging the gear
  • Back and bottom side webbing allows for a safe and worry-free roller transport
Produkta veidsPlecu soma
Produkta veidsSoma
Produkta veidsKameru soma
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