Walimex pro Mini Magic Arm Premium

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Multifunction tool
The Walimex pro Mini Magic Arm Premium is a multifunctional, flexible tool that should not be missing from any photo or video equipment. Made of high-quality aluminium, the articulated arm has two buffered ball joints that can be rotated 360°. This allows you to achieve individual locking and positioning. Particularly practical is the central wing screw in the middle of the articulated arm, with which you can fix all two joints simultaneously according to your needs. You are also flexible with regard to your connection options: Two 1/4 inch screws with rubber pads protect your equipment from scratches or damage at the same time. Thanks to another 1/4 inch thread and two 3/8 inch threads, the Mini Magic Arm Premium is flexibly expandable. In the wing screw there are two adapters countersunk from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, which can be used to make the articulated arm compatible for 3/8 inch threads.

Ideal for use with DSLR cages, rigs and dollies
The Mini Magic Arm Premium also offers flexibility in use: It is ideal for use with DSLR cages, rigs and dollies. You can use it to mount video accessories such as video lights (LED), monitors, audio equipment or recorders on your cage, rig or dolly. Thanks to its load capacity of up to 3 kg, it is also ideal for medium-heavy accessories.

Compact shape, excellent quality
With a net weight of only 90 g and a maximum length of 12.4 cm, the Mini Magic Arm Premium fits in any photo bag and offers you the flexibility you need. The articulated arm is made of high-quality aluminium. The two ball joints are rubber-bearing and allow a precise adjustment to your needs. Both 1/4 inch screw heads are corrugated, so they are non-slip and provide a secure and easy lock. The load capacity of 3 kg is remarkable in this compact design.

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