K&F Concept 77MM Nano-X Black Mist Filter 1/8, HD, Waterproof, Anti Scratch,

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K&F Concept


02.08 - 20.08.2024
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03.08 - 22.08.2024
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03.08 - 22.08.2024
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02.08 - 20.08.2024
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Filtra tipsMīkstinošais (soft)
Filtra izmērs77mm

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Achieve soft and delicate lighting with the K&F Concept 1/8 Black Diffusion Filter, perfect for enhancing portrait photography. This filter softens harsh highlights and makes skin and pores appear more delicate, creating a dreamy film effect. With double-sided polishing technology, it ensures high definition within a 550mm focal length, making it ideal for video shooting. Crafted from high-precision Japanese AGC optical glass with multiple coatings, this filter offers excellent transparency with 87% transmittance and effectively reduces reflections. Its hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and oil-proof properties ensure it remains easy to clean and maintain. The ultra-slim 3.3mm frame eliminates vignetting and dark corners, even on wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Compatible with all 77mm lenses, please verify your cameras lens thread size before ordering. Your cameras lens thread size is typically marked on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap, always preceded by a (diameter) symbol. Enhance your photography with this versatile filter, perfect for your Valentines Day shoot.

  • *FunctionThe K&F Concept 1/8 black diffuison filter makes the picture or video light be soft and controls highlight flares, making skin or pores more delicate, double side polishing technology ensuring high definition within 550mm focal length..Photography Gear for Valentines Day Shoot
  • *Import AGC Optical GlassBlack diffuison1/8 filter Made by Japanese AGC high precision optical glass, multi-layer coating for extra transparency to 87% transmittance, effectively reduce reflection came from filter itself.
  • *28 Multi-Layer CoatingsThe K&F black diffusion 1/8 filter with double side coatings, hydrophobic, scratch resistant and oil-proof , no affect for images quality , eaily for cleaning and carrying.
  • *No VignettingThis black diffusion1/8 filter ultra slim frame only 3.3 mm avoids vignetting and dark corner on wide-angle and telephoto lens, CNC-Non slip design frame easily for intall adn remove.
  • *NoteThis black soft 1/8 filter is compatible with all 77mm lenses. Please verify your cameras lens thread size before ordering. Your cameras lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a (diameter) symbol.
Filtra tipsMīkstinošais (soft)
Filtra izmērs77mm

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