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The Desview TP150 is a professional teleprompter designed to work with cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Thanks to the use of a universal hood, you can precisely adapt it to the size of your lens. The unit features a large mirror made of 26-layer glass to separate the light beam. The adjustable mount allows you to connect the teleprompter to a tablet up to 15.3″.

Teleprompter Desview TP150

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The Desview TP150 is a professional teleprompter designed to work with cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Thanks to the use of a universal hood, you can precisely adapt it to the size of your lens. The unit features a large mirror made of 26-layer glass to separate the light beam. The adjustable mount allows you to connect the teleprompter to a tablet up to 15.3". The Bluetooth remote control will allow you to remotely control the text, which you can manage from the free app. The teleprompter is made of high-grade aluminium alloy. You can easily install it on a tripod using 1/4" or 3/8" threads. A sturdy carrying case is also included. The device will save you hundreds of hours spent endlessly repeating shots! Main product features professional teleprompter at an excellent price ability to read text from tablets up to 15.3" invaluable support when recording vlogs, interviews or streams enables you to read text while looking straight into the lens of a camera or camcorder allows you to record video quickly and efficiently, without having to learn the text by heart supports the recording of live TV programmes, webinars and video courses a great choice for musicians who publish their performances online and have trouble remembering lyrics clear and sharp HD image transferred from tablet screen to mirror 26-layer beam splitting glass (70/30) no shadows or vignetting effect even on very wide shots innovative design to maintain the same lens-to-mirror distance when changing the camera position in the up/down plane adjustable camera position up/down (45mm) and front/rear (190mm) convenient installation of teleprompter on tripods (1/4" and 3/8" threads) free app (iOS / Android) for saving displayed scenarios and notes remote control (scroll / rewind / speed up / slow down / stop) of the displayed text using the included Bluetooth remote control possibility to install the tablet vertically and horizontally possibility to record vertically using the L-bracket (to be purchased separately) made from high quality aluminium alloy professional transport case lockable with robust latches foam filling in the case for adequate protection of the individual elements of the kit No need to learn the text by heart! Do you know that feeling when you've recorded the same part of a speech on camera for the hundredth time because some part of the script keeps falling out of your head? Or maybe the viewers have pointed out to you that you often run off with your eyes in the direction of the people accompanying you on set? The teleprompter will make speaking to the camera or camera much easier. With the Desview TP150, you will save valuable time and record your vlogs or webinars looking straight into the lens without stammering. Patented design The Desview TP150 teleprompter was developed for professionals and amateurs working with small and medium-sized cameras, as well as anyone shooting video with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The patented mount allows you to maintain the same distance between the lens and the mirror, no matter how high your device is (45mm adjustable). This solution will allow you to quickly set up your workstation, no matter what equipment you are shooting with. Image sharpness The Desview TP150 teleprompter uses 26-layer beam splitting glass (70/30), with a high level of hardness and damage resistance. It provides excellent transmittance that ensures a sharp, high-quality image. Thanks to these parameters, there is no double reflection effect and the text read from the teleprompter is clear and looks almost the same as on a tablet screen. Vertical and horizontal The extendable arm allows you to connect the teleprompter to tablets up to 15.3". The large mirror will ensure adequate visibility of the displayed text. The span of the tablet holder can range from 10 to 29.5 mm. This allows you to install the source screen both vertically and horizontally. Wide viewing angle When working with the Desview TP150 teleprompter, you don't have to worry about vignetting effects, even when reaching for wide-angle lenses. When recording, you won't be surprised by any shadows or unwanted objects entering the frame. You won't see your camera connected to a mirror and tablet in any shot. If you are not betrayed by a robotic tone of voice, no one will surely realise you are using a teleprompter! Free mobile app In the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) shops, you will find a free mobile app to manage your display. It will allow you to control parameters such as scrolling speed, background colour or letter size. The app allows you to save many different documents. This will allow you to plan several episodes of your programme and record them in one sequence, without having to swap scripts. When working with the app, a thin horizontal line will also be displayed on the screen. It will make reading from the teleprompter look natural and your eyes will always be directed to the central part of the lens. Remote control You will also find a remote control included with the device. Simply pair it via Bluetooth with the app and stop the text, slow it down or speed it up at any time. The ergonomic shape makes the remote control fit perfectly in your hand, and the most necessary buttons and joystick position themselves under the right fingers! The ability to manage text discreetly, without having to approach the camera, will further improve your video work. Safe transport The teleprompter mirror is such a delicate device that transport in a backpack with other film accessories is inadvisable, due to the risk of scratches. This is why the manufacturer has made sure to provide a professional case with an aluminium frame and foam filling. It will provide the ultimate in storage comfort for your equipment. Each of the kit's components has its own perfectly adapted compartment here. This ensures that your Desview TP150 teleprompter will always be safe during transport. Specification model: Desview TP150 material of construction: aluminium alloy mobile application support: Android / iOS remote power supply: 2x AAA batteries span of tablet holder: 100 - 295 mm mirror: 26-layer light beam separating glass Adjustable range of camera holder position: up/down: 45 mm front / rear: 190 mm adjustment range of tablet holder position (top / bottom): 42 mm mirror dimensions: 28 x 27 cm teleprompter dimensions: 30 x 29 x 36 cm transport case dimensions: 38 x 35 x 15 cm weight of teleprompter: 1.94 kg set weight: 3.88 kg Compatibility Filming devices: digital cameras (SLR and mirrorless) small and medium-sized film cameras webcams devices capable of installing the Bestview text display application: tablets up to 15.3" (iOS/Android) Kit contents frame with mirror sun visor tablet holder camera or camera holder Bluetooth remote control professional carry case clamping screws microfiber cloth
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