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1 x Marumi Slim Fit UV Filter 52 mm; Full Colour Packaging

Marumi Slim Fit UV Filter 52mm

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Filtra tipsUV (ultravioleto staru)
Filtra izmērs52mm

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The Marumi Slim Fit UV Filter is an extra thin filter used ideally in conjunction with wide-angle lenses. Compared to a standard 7.2mm thick UV filter, the Marumi slim fit filter is just 5.3mm thick. The filter is made of the same type of glass as the DHG series UV filters and has a UV multi coating, giving the filter extra quality.


Marumi Slim Fit UV Filter Possibilities


The Marumi UV Filters block the invisible ultraviolet radiation, which often turn your images blue and causes them to be out of focus and hazy. The UV Filter produces an image with an accurate colour representation and ensures a higher contrast in photos. The Marumi UV filter is suitable for use in coastal and mountain areas, in clear weather. The transparent UV filter does not effect the exposure time and can therefore, be left on the camera lens.


In addition, the Marumi UV Filter acts as a protective cap on the lens. The filter is less delicate and more durable than the lens of your camera, meaning that the filter is less likely to be damaged in the cleaning process. The UV filter protects the camera lens against sand, water droplets etc. as it can be kept on the camera lens. Further, if the camera lens is dropped, the UV filter will break on impact, generally leaving your expensive camera lens intact.

Filtra tipsUV (ultravioleto staru)
Filtra izmērs52mm

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